SunriSE is 1!

SunriSE Community Nurseries is now officially 1 year old, a milestone we are delighted with. When we took over the setting, we were certain that local people still had the need for nursery places, and for good, high quality care and facilities. Our experience this year has shown this to be true, so here are a few bits of good news and general updates:

At the start of September we will have enrolled 70+ children, and are continuing to grow.

We have had our registration visit from Ofsted which went really well and we will be live on our own SunriSE registration by the end of September.

We have extended the registration to cater for up to 94 children at the nursery, utilising one of our spare rooms,  meaning we have even more spaces for local families.

We had a voluntary team of decorating enthusiasts in during the Summer break to decorate some areas with our brand colours and including our own logo on the walls of reception. (see the pics below)

We have brought on board the Head of Finance for Whirlpool to support us at board level, who has also arranged some shiny new energy-efficient electrical and white goods for the nursery!

Our Operations Manager, Johnson Ajeyi, who we brought in earlier this year, is doing a phenomenal job, growing and developing the nursery with boundless energy. Johnson has extensive Early Years experience, as well as determination to ensure our care for local children is exemplary and their experience of nursery is wonderful.

logo in recep Orlagh logo in reception

Staff progression is important to us and we made 2 internal promotions in Spring: Roseline to Deputy Manager, and Sharon to Duty Manager. Both staff members are doing superbly in their new roles, contributing to the smooth-running and growth of SunriSE, whilst still being primarily room-based and therefore maintaining time spent directly with the children.

Our strong team of excellent staff are as enthusiastic as ever as we enter year 2 as a community nursery. Our core team who transferred with us from being council employees have adapted brilliantly to being SunriSE staff, offering real continuity and consistency to local families as well as solid experience, and our more recent joiners and apprentices bring new ideas, perspectives and energy to the setting.

So Happy Birthday to SunriSE and congratulations to everyone involved – staff, children, parents, board members and local people generally.

We are still recruiting, as we expand, both for experienced Nursery Practitioners, Level 3 qualified, and for voluntary board members of any profession. Please get in touch if you are interested in either of these opportunities.

Here’s to the exciting times ahead!



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